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Here in the the Phoenix Metro area where we live, heating and A/C maintenance is not something that should be neglected. Enroll today in our maintenance club!

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Maintenance Club Membership gives you up to (2) Maintenance Inspection visits per calendar year. There is a monthly start up fee of $150 per unit (*For multiple units please call (480) 720-9637).

MCM Includes:

  • 10% Off New System Purchase
  • $60.00 Service Fee, Norm. $79.95
  • Indoor Coil Cleanings included (As Needed) with Membership @ No Cost! * *Level 4 Pull & Cleans Not Included*
  • Outdoor Coil Cleanings included (As Needed) with Membership @ No Cost! *Level 4 Pull & Cleans Not Included*
  • Primary or Secondary Drain Line Flush included with Membership @ No Cost! * *No Warranty available on any drain line flushes. Consistent clogging issues require an inspection to identify the cause of clogging. Condensate Kill switches are available upon request. *
  • 20% Off Parts* *Labor included in Part Pricing. Truck Stock Items only. Additional cost will apply for Special Order Items*
  • 30% Off Refrigerant Per Pound
  • 24 Hour Turn Around Priority Service* *Priority Service guarantees a technician out to your home within 24 hours of scheduling the appointment. Appointment must be set and scheduled during normal business hours.*
  • 2 Year Warranty on all parts installed* *Excluding Compressors, Coils, Line sets or Special Order Items*
  • Clean or Replace customer supplied Air Filters
  • Lubricate motors as needed
  • Refrigerant Circuit Inspection (Pressures/Temperatures)
  • Tighten Electrical Connections (As Needed)
  • Voltage & Amp Draw Checks on all Electrical Components
  • Measuring Current Air Flow Rates/Pressure
  • Clean and/or Adjust Furnace Burners
  • Test all Safety Control Devices
  • Monitor Flue Exhaust Draft Condition
  • Clean Ignition Assembly
  • Test Starting Capabilities
  • Thermostat Inspection for proper operation
  • Free Membership Transfer *Membership ties to Home/Equipment originally documented per the MCM agreement Form. Cannot Transfer Membership to a different property/location)

*All work performed by Just Better Air Conditioning and Heating will have a 2-year workmanship guarantee.
*Just Better Air Conditioning will make attempts to contact customers to schedule bi-annual maintenance service visits, via text messaging, mail, email and or by phone.
*No refunds will be given for missed maintenance visits; the consumer/customer is responsible for making sure they receive their maintenance visits.
*All Parts provided by Just Better Air Conditioning will have a 90-day part/ 30-day labor warranty unless otherwise stated.
*To cancel Maintenance Club Membership, Just Better Air Conditioning must receive at least 15 days prior to the monthly billing date in writing by letter or email notifying us of intent to cancel.
*Just Better Air Conditioning and Heating LLC 835 W. 22nd St STE 101 Tempe AZ 85282 Claims@justbetterair.com 480-720-9637
*Missed payments: If for any reason a payment is missed, the consumer/customer has 30 days to make payment to avoid auto cancellation of Maintenance Club Membership.
*Cancellation Policy: If MCM Pay Monthly Maintenance Plan is cancelled in less than 6 months and MCM maintenance has been performed, the plan may be cancelled and a total charge will be billed for any included work as part of the MCM Pay Monthly Maintenance Plan Agreement, minus accrued monthly payment and Initial Sign-Up Fee. As of 3/1/2022 Maintenance Inspection $79 per system, per visit; Evaporator Coil Clean Minor $249 per coil; Condenser Coil Clean Minor $249 per coil. After 6 months the plan may be cancelled with no cancellation fees.

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